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SVG research group has been merged with Learning + Technology Group. These pages will no longer be updated.

Ongoing PhD thesis projects

Completed PhD thesis projects

Completed Master's thesis projects (the list is not exhaustive, see also publications)

  • XAAL or eXtensible Algorithm Animation Language is an XML language defined to be used as a common language for describing algorithm animations. The target of the project is to allow data exhange between various algorithm animation systems.
  • VisElabor is a prototype visualization framework for search engine results. Growth of the Internet has turned Internet search engines into basic part of the net infrastructure. Popularity has brought a lot of competition and search engines have evolved immensely. User interface has however stayed almost untouched for a decade. In this study, information visualization methods have been scanned in order to find out how they apply to visualization of Internet search engine results. In addition, the possibility of implementing platform to handle the basic functions of information retrieval systems are studied.
  • ACE is a tool for automatically assessing assignments related to compilers. Besides automatic assessment, ACE offers a graphical interface for students to do the assignments. Currently ACE supports assignments dealing with three kinds of automata: finite state automata, LL parsers, and LR parsers.
  • MVT is a prototype visual testing tool based on Matrix. MVT visualizes the state of a running Java program. Most of this state consists of the data structures of the program. This places MVT firmly in the domain of program visualization even though Matrix is primarily designed for algorithm visualization.
  • SEEQ or System for Enhanced Exploration and Querying is a visual database query system . It visualises the database model, the queries and the results using direct manipulation in an interactive, uniform, zoomable user interface.