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SVG research group has been merged with Learning + Technology Group. These pages will no longer be updated.

Software projects related to the research projects

  • Rubyric (2008-) is a rubrics-based assessment tool. Graders use pre-written feedback phrases to construct feedback, which speeds up assessment as all feedback does not have to be written manually. It also ensures consistent grading across graders, as the submissions are graded according to pre-defined evaluative criteria.
  • PLG (2006-) (Publication List Generator) is a set of tools for generating a list of publications from bibtex file in html format.
  • MatrixPro (2003-) is a tool for demonstrating algorithms on-the-fly. The system includes a data structure library that can be utilized during a demonstration session without writing any code. The interaction between the user and the system is based on visual algorithm simulation - a method introduced in the Matrix framework. There is also an option to include ones own data structures and algorithms that can be demonstrated in a similar manner than the ready-made library.
  • Matrix (2000-2005): The core research project that aims at the development of the platform independent application framework for algorithm visualization, animation, and simulation. Currently there are three separate applications that are based on Matrix: MatrixPro, TRAKLA2, and MVT.
  • TRAKLA2 (1991-) is a learning environment for data structures and algorithms. Not only does TRAKLA2 provide links to visualizations that portray a variety of algorithms, but it also distributes tracing exercises to the student and then evaluates the student's answer to the exercises. The current version has took in use in several universities and institutions in Finland.