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T221-3 Software Systems A3 (20 cr)

Professors: Lauri Malmi, Heikki Saikkonen, Eljas Soisalon-Soininen, Jorma Tarhio

Code Name of the course cr
Compulsory project: (one of the following)
T-106.5700 Project in Software Techniques 5-10
T-106.5150 Operating Systems Project 5
T-76.4115 Software Development Project I* 5-6
Optional courses: select as many as needed to complete the module (at least two or more lectured courses and no more than one sminar course)
T-93.4400 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 5
T-93.5500 Logic and Constraint Programming 5
T-106.4000 Laboratory Course in Software Techniques 3-8
T-106.5221 Transaction Management in Databases 5
T-106.5241 Distributed databases 5
T-106.5250 Distributed Systems 5
T-106.5300 Embedded Systems 5
T-106.5400 String Algorithms 5
T-106.5450 Advanced Course on Compilers 5
T-106.5600 Concurrent Programming 5
T-106.5800 Seminar on Software Technology 3-10
T-106.5900 Ohjelmistotekniikan vaihtuva kurssi 1-8
T-106.6200 Special course in software techniques 3-10
Total 20
* The subject of the course T-76.4115 Software Development Project should be agreed with the teacher of the course T-106.5700.
Note that the project is not required in this module if the student has completed the project in A3 module Software Technology in Distributed Systems or Embedded Systems.