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October 25th. Version 0.9 of the TRAKLA2 web environment released.


TRAKLA2 is an environment for learning data structures and algorithms. The system provides algorithm simulation exercises that can be automatically graded. The grading is based on comparison between the learner made simulation sequence and a sequence produced by an actual algorithm.

The system is actively under development (currently we have some 50 exercises), and we are in the process of including new areas of interest (e.g., spatial algorithms) and a variety of new exercises. This site exhibits the system from the research and development point of views. See the support page for a demo or read the description to learn more.

TRAKLA2 applet

TRAKLA2 learning environment

In addition to this site, we have established the TRAKLA2 learning environment for the number of Data Structures and Algorithms courses joined in our project. The learning environment was took in use with some 600 enrolled students in spring 2004. It was also used in the University of Turku with some 100 students. The use of the full learning environment, however, requires registration. Feel free to create a test account and try out the system.

However, we have provided a set of exercises with reduced functionality (submit for summative evaluation is disabled) that can be used on-line or off-line without any course registration. For example, a lecturer can demonstrate the working of an algorithm and/or a learner is able to practise a topic after the lecture. Feedback is still provided in this version (the number of correct steps out of the maximum steps in the simulation sequence) as well as the model solution animations. See support for more details.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."
- Albert Einstein

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